Cody Ko & Noel Miller at Murat Egyptian Room

Cody Ko & Noel Miller Tickets

Murat Egyptian Room | Indianapolis, Indiana

No self-respecting artist would come to Indianapolis, or even Indiana without visiting Murat Egyptian Room, which is why Murat Egyptian Room is very proud to announce that Cody Ko & Noel Miller will be performing on Wednesday 10th April 2019 – playing their world-famous hits and driving fans wild! There's nothing quite like seeing your favorite artist on stage, feeling the heat and the buzz of the crowd and becoming part of something bigger for one unforgettable moment in time… Snap up your tickets for this must-see (and soon to be sell-out) show now and get ready to dance like nobody's watching! Treat yourself to something special – you're absolutely worth it!

Cody Ko & Noel Miller at Murat Egyptian Room

Murat Egyptian Room has built its reputation as the 'go-to' place to catch big league shows that have made significant impact on music fans. It has become a pivotal landmark of Indianapolis. Once again, another momentous event is bound to take place on Wednesday 10th April 2019. Cody Ko & Noel Miller is a highly anticipated event in this side of town, and fans are absolutely giddy with excitement. As soon as the news broke out, ticket sales started moving briskly and show no signs of slowing down. You can get tickets to Cody Ko & Noel Miller fast and easy. A quick click to 'buy tickets' button is all it takes. No lines, no sweat; just a fun and solid show in store for you!

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