Visitors to the Old National Centre are asked to make note of the following guidelines and restrictions. These are in place both to ensure the safety and the best possible experience for everyone attending a show at the Old National Centre

1. Arrive on Time.
Doors open 1 hour before the performance starts, allowing visitors ample time to use the restroom, purchase drinks and refreshments, and find their seats. Those arriving after a performance starts may not be admitted until an appropriate break in the performance.

2. No Professional Cameras
The venue permits 35mm, instamatic cameras, or digital cameras only. Some shows, however, Broadway in particular, have a strict no-photography policy. Please check the details of your particular show before taking cameras into the theatre.

3. No Smoking
The Old National Centre is a non-smoking building. Use of smoking products of any kind, including electronic cigarettes, is strictly prohibited. Pass-outs are provided at events for designated smoking areas outside of the venue.