Margaret Cho at Murat Egyptian Room

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Egyptian Room At Old National Centre | Indianapolis, Indiana

Margaret Cho

Go ahead, try to look for another top notch and heart felt comedy show thats also as funny as this, it's a though job! The incredibly spectacular Margaret Cho is on a US-wide tour for winter, 2024 and comedy fans are thrilled! We know this is the BIGGEST laugh a minuet production of February really? The whole YEAR! The evening will be hosted by the biggest and unrivaled venue of its kind in the city, Egyptian Room At Old National Centre, Indianapolis, Indiana on Friday 23rd February 2024 and if you haven't already, book, because tickets are selling like hot cakes! Simply follow the link above!

Ever heard the phrase "Laughter is an instant vacation"? Well that is what Margaret Cho is renowned for. Leave your troubles and worries at the door. There is no better way to de-stress than by enjoying a belly-full of laughs by Margaret Cho. The Egyptian Room At Old National Centre has hosted many comedic legends throughout the years and it's excited to host a night filled with witty observation and edgy punchlines - Margaret Cho will have you falling in the aisles in laughter. Early ticket bookings also come with a special extra smile. So get your tickets asap!

Margaret Cho at Egyptian Room At Old National Centre

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