Small Town Murder Podcast at Murat Egyptian Room

Small Town Murder Podcast Tickets

Murat Egyptian Room | Indianapolis, Indiana

Are you ready for real murder mysteries? Hold your breath because the one and only Small Town Murder Podcast will knock Indianapolis’s socks off with mysterious stories and a night full of thrilling murder investigations the whole crowd will get chills from. Murat Egyptian Room is preparing to host a monumental night of live entertainment that will shake the whole of Indiana. No one quite does it like Small Town Murder Podcast, this sure promises to be a different night for you and your family. Tickets are running low – secure yours so you don’t regret missing something amazing in 2020.

Small Town Murder Podcast at Murat Egyptian Room

Before you leave this page, think about all the fantastic perks you might miss out on if you don’t purchase your entry to be part of the upcoming concert at Murat Egyptian Room. Not only does this place offer their visitors outstanding sound and lighting engineering to keep them close to the action, they also promise some of the best seating for an event like that! The inviting decor is designed to make you feel like an esteemed guest from the second you enter their doors while the nice event staff will help you throughout your stay. Let’s not forget that Murat Egyptian Room is conveniently situated near some of the finest dining options in Indianapolis Indiana making it the perfect place for an evening out in town. Order your tickets today!

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